Pope at Christmas Mass: ‘Jesus shows God’s closeness amid consumerist haste’

Pope Francis presides over Mass during the Night for the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord, and reflects on the closeness, poverty, and concreteness of the manger in which Mary laid the Christ Child. By Devin Watkins “If you feel consumed by events, if you are devoured by a sense of guilt and inadequacy, … Read more

Researchers uncover potential climate change-nutrition connection in plant metabolism

Michigan State University researchers may have found a link between climate change and plant nutrition. Credit: Hermann Schachner via Wikimedia Commons (plant cells) / Mike Erskine via Unsplash (arid land) A new study from researchers at Michigan State University underscores that we still have a lot to learn regarding how plants will function—and how nutritious … Read more

How Ford modeled EV battery materials with qubits

Quantum researchers at Ford have just published a new preprint study that modeled crucial electric vehicle (EV) battery materials using a quantum computer. While the results don’t reveal anything new about lithium-ion batteries, they demonstrate how more powerful quantum computers could be used to accurately simulate complex chemical reactions in the future. In order to … Read more

Mask mandates fail to make a comeback, despite pleas from public health experts

A protective face mask lies on the sidewalk in New York City on Oct. 26. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters) COVID-19 updates. View latest news. WASHINGTON—Coronavirus infection rates rose steadily through the first half of November across Los Angeles County, then began to climb sharply around the long Thanksgiving weekend. As a result, on Dec. 1, the county’s … Read more