Favorite Apple accessories of 2022

A range of innovative new Apple accessories have been launched this year and I’ve been able to put over 40 of them through their paces. From products for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more, here are my 8 favorite Apple accessories from 2022. Everything on the list below I’ve personally tested and found to be consistently … Read more

Christmas Day 2022: What’s open, what’s closed on Sunday, Dec. 25? Banks, UPS, FedEx, mail delivery, restaurants, stores, stock markets

Christmas Day 2022 is Sunday, Dec. 25. It is a sacred, religious holiday around the birth of Jesus, while also it is a cultural phenomenon. Popular traditions include the tale of Santa Claus, exchanging gifts, Christmas tree decorating and attending church. The vast majority of stores and services are closed. Here is everything you need … Read more

Scientists can now “see” moods inside the brain

Baylor College of Medicine researchers have developed what they call a “mood decoder” during a small clinical trial of deep brain stimulation as a therapy for treatment-resistant depression. Using brain recordings from within the skull, the researchers were able to divine how activity in certain regions of the brain matched up with moods, with the … Read more

Lima region’s top stories of 2022

Dec. 24—It was a year of sadness, heroism and letdowns by those in authority when reviewing the top local stories in 2022. It was also a year of strange court cases and occasional triumph over adversity. In short, it was a microcosm of life here in West Central Ohio. Here are the top local stories … Read more

DePaul vs. Creighton Odds, Picks

DePaul vs. Creighton Odds DePaul and Creighton face off on Christmas Day in a matchup of two Big East teams that are trending in opposite directions. DePaul will be playing its third straight away game on Sunday after losing its previous two by double digits. On the other side, Creighton was able to snap a … Read more

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

Getting regular exercise is one of the most important things we can do to lower disease risk, manage weight, lift our moods, and promote mental clarity. Its impact on health and well-being is so beneficial that there’s really nothing else—no supplement, drug, diet, or device—that can replace it. Even something as simple as a brisk … Read more

Do not call 911; What to do if your frozen pipes burst

article Icicles cling from a street sign in front of the Georgia Dome after an ice storm in the Atlanta area early January 29, 2000. The St. Louis Rams will face the Tennessee Titans in SuperBowl XXXIV on January 30, 2000. (ELECTRONIC IMAGE) AFP PHOTO/Tony RA (Getty Images) ATLANTA – While the entire nation has … Read more